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  1. Rectal prolapse. This is different than a rectocele or rectal wall prolapse. With a rectal prolapse, part of your rectum turns inside out and pokes out through your anus.
  2. Rectal prolapse is when the rectal walls have prolapsed to a degree where they protrude out the anus and are visible outside the body. However, most researchers agree that there are 3 to 5 different types of rectal prolapse, depending on if the prolapsed section is visible externally, and if the full or only partial thickness of the rectal wall is involved.
  3. Rest in Putrefaction and Human Wreck by Fermented Fetus, released 10 November 1. Mutilation and Rape 2. Congenital Malformation 3. Effervescent Menstruation 4. rectal and vaginal Prolapse 5. Nasty rotten Flesh 6. Corpse Fluids 7. Exposed Fungus Infection 8. Rest in Putrefaction Split with: Destrucción Humana (Mexico).
  4. Jul 29,  · When one of the pelvic organs falls into the vagina, it is known as a vaginal prolapse. This occurs due to an area of vaginal wall becoming weak and no longer being able to support the pelvic organs. Which organ prolapses, or falls into the vagina, depends on what area of the vaginal wall is weak.
  5. The vaginal prolapse which always involved the vault and usually involved the lower vagina was usually found to be incomplete and the rectal prolapse complete (but occult). The operative procedure essentially consists of a Wells type rectopexy which has a new modification in which the sling is extended to anchor the vaginal vault after.
  6. Rectocele, also called a rectal wall prolapse, happens when your rectum drops down and forward and then bulges into the back wall of your vagina. Rectal prolapse is when part of your rectum .
  7. Jul 24,  · Surgical management of rectal prolapse. Arch Surg. Jan. (1) Marderstein EL, Delaney CP. Surgical management of rectal prolapse. Nat Clin Pract Gastroenterol Hepatol. Oct. 4 (10) Randall J, Smyth E, McCarthy K, Dixon AR. Outcome of laparoscopic ventral mesh rectopexy for external rectal prolapse.
  8. She diagnosed me with pelvic organ prolapse (POP)—a condition that causes the bladder, uterus, rectum, and small bowel to drop from their normal places in the belly and sag down into the vagina.

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